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Kasey's Story
The document below is from the Winter 2013 University of Virginia Magazine.  See the section "Feature: The Road Back" or you can use the search feature and select pdf page 30.

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The document below contains excerpts from the internet site, CarePages.  Kasey’s mother began to post these entries while Kasey was at the Shepherd Center in Atlanta, Georgia.  The entries enabled friends and family to stay abreast of her day to day life. 

To see postings you will need to download the document below.  Start at the bottom and work your way up.  There is a great deal of information.

Unfortunately, this only gives you a glimpse as to the challenges Kasey and her family deal with each and every day. Thank you very much for your interest and your help.  It is appreciated more than you could ever possibly know.

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This document is a series of emails that were sent by Michael Thompson, Kasey’s Step-Dad, while she was in Panama to update friends and family on her condition.

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Thank you so much for your generosity!!
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