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Kasey in pictures. Thanks for looking.
HOW YOU KNOW HER: In 2011, during Kasey's first year at the University of Virginia, she became paralyzed in a diving accident while on a Global Brigades trip to build eco-latrines in Panama. Almost three years have now gone by and each day represents both a victory and a challenge to Kasey and her family.

WHAT'S NEW: Kasey continues her studies at UVA, still learning how to adjust to her new life and the challenges paralysis leaves in its wake. Even this tragic accident has not kept Kasey down, but the costs of her rehabilitation continue to mount.

HOW YOU CAN HELP??: Donations are greatly needed.  Kasey has many costs that are not covered by insurance for her physical therapy, continued aide coverage and general needs.  Thank you for visiting this site and being a supporter of Kasey.

Thank you so much for your generosity!!
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